Amazing Experience at The Trial Lawyers College

I have had some time to reflect on my recent 3 1/2 week experience at the Trial Lawyers College on the Thunderhead Ranch in northwest Wyoming. There I worked very closely with some of the best Trial Layers and Psychodramatists in the US and 56 classmates on a beautiful ranch in old barns, college type dorm rooms, horses, ranch dogs and cool fresh mountain air.

At the heart of TLC is learning to get to know yourself as a starting point to be able to get to know and understand those we help and represent – our clients, and those involved in the problems we help them with – witnesses, jurors, judges, family and friends. We spent the first 3 days experiencing personal psychodrama, of our classmates and our own. This journey helped us understand how to discover the story – ours, new friends and ultimately, yours. I will report on more in upcoming posts but for now, I will say that starting my first week back from the Ranch I worked with a client and her Husband in a serious brain injury case, and using my newfound knowledge really made a true connection. I now understand better how to try this case and assist a lovely and seriously injured woman, to hopefully get the Justice she deserves. Thank you TLC!

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